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product overview

The bacterial load of surfaces and objects is increasing continuously. To protect people and values, SISTEC Coatings is offering a wide choice of different antibacterial coatings under its brand SISTec for a variety of applications, surfaces or substrates. Whether you want to protect walls, metal or plastic surfaces against bacteria: we are confident to have the right coating in our portfolio. If not, we will be happy to develop a customized solution together with you. Some examples from our list of products:

SISTEC ST 011WS - indoor wall paint

is an antibacterialmatacrylic paintin professional qualityfor indoor use. It eliminatesgerms andprevents the growth ofbacteria, eg. ason walls and ceilingsin hygienically sensitive areaslikehospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens, schools, private houses, kitchens, public buildings, swimming pools, food and pharmaceuticalproductionetc.

  • ST 011WSimpresses with averygood coverage(class I at7m2/ltr) andhighwet abrasion resistance(classII).
  • Yields8/lor approx125ml/m2per coat onsmooth substrates.
  • SISTEC ST011WSistintablewith full-shadetinting coloursaccording to all currentcolour systems.
  • Package size:12.5ltr bucket

SISTEC ST 045AS - Clearcoat in aerosol can

SISTEC ST045ASisan antibacterialfast drying, weather-resistant, single-component clearcoatbased on synthetic resin, which iseasy to handledue to itsaerosolfilling.Forthe antibacterialcoating of metals(eg stainless steel) and wood.

    -Dust dry(min.): 30 min
    -Touch Time(min.): 60 min.
    -Completecuring:. 4 - 6hours
  • material consumption/ layer thickness
    -Theoreticalmaterial consumption90g/m2
    -Recommended film thickness20microns DFT
  • Pack size. 400mlaerosol can

SISTEC ST 051HD - industrial two-pack coat

SISTEC ST051HDisan antibacterialtwo-pack medium solidtopcoatfor high performancewith fastand complete drying, very highscratch and impact resistance, high glossandexcellent UV stability.
  • Colours:allRAL colors, even in small quantities.
  • DRYING TIMESat +20 ° C:
    - Tack free after60-90min
    - Dry to handle 4-8 hours
  • Packing:. Top coat 10 kg,hardener2 kg

SISTEC cover - single pack moisture-curing PUR coat

SISTEC Cover is an antibacterial moisture-curing single-pack polyurethane top coat with very good light and weather resistance and resistance to a variety of chemicals, ideal against biocorrosion, e.g. in tanks, pipes etc.
  • Colours:RAL 9010, 7035, other RAL colors on request
  • Drying times at 50 microns DFT and20° C
    - dust-dry after: 1 hour
    - Overcoatable after:4 hours
    touch dry after: 4 hours
  • FILM THICKNESS 40 - 60microns DFT
  • Pack sizes: 8.0 and 1.3 kg

SISTEC ST 081WH - Clearcoat for plastics and wood

SISTEC ST 081 WH is an antibacterial water-based single or two pack clear coat for plastics (e.g. polycarbonate, polyarylamide etc.) and wood surfaces.
  • DRYING TIMES - drying parameters / standard: room temperature 20 ° C
    - Dust dry (min.): 45
    - Touch dry (min.): 90
    - Sandable (hrs.): 2
    - DIN 68861 Part 1B behavior at chemical strain
    - DIN 53160 perspiration and saliva fastness
    - DIN EN ISO 9239-1 testing the fire performance of construction products
    - DIN EN ISO 11925-2 testing the fire performance of construction products
  • THICKNESSES 40 - 60 microns DFT
  • Pack size: 5.0 ltr

In our SISTEC range, we offer additional antibacterial solutions such as extremely thin and flexible coatings for rubber, coatings for general industrial use, inside-coatings for tanks, floor coatings and many more. Please contact us for more details.