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Scattered silver has an antibacterial effect – due to the sufficient release of silver ions from a large reactive silver-surface. The performance depends on the substrate hence silver is usually used as coating for medical products. Silver ions are efficient disinfectants and can be used as treatment in wound therapy. Different active mechanisms are used for this purpose:

• Blocking of enzymes and disruption of their live-supporting transport function in the cell
• Damaging the structural integrity of the cell
• Damaging the membrane

The described effects can lead to the death of the cell.

SISTec Mikrosilber Wirkweise E


Our new and innovative microsilver-formulation is based on strongly pure, elemental silver, which is upgraded to its highly performing specific structure by a specially designed, complex physical process. In addition, our developers have managed to integrate this already advanced microsilver into a special matrix with spectacular results: The quantity of silver required to achieve the same antibacterial effect has been reduced to about only one hundredth compared to standard microsilver. This has been tested and certified by independent laboratories (for example the renowned Institute Hohenstein). The main advantage is a significant cost reduction in the ready product – despite all its advantages, standard microsilver was simply too expensive to be used as antibacterial agent in mass products in the past.

The SISTEC microsilver is an organic, antimicrobial additive that can easily be integrated homogeneously into almost any type of paint or coating due to its advanced  matrix. In addition to our own range of antimicrobia paints and varnishes, SISTEC antimicrobial microsilver can also be used to upgrade existing coatings, either waterborne or solvent based. Standard microsilver often sediments to the bottom. Due to the low concentration and the integration into its specific matrix, SISTec microsilver stays evenly distributed and afloat. It is also not having any effect on the colour of the paint. Based on all these advantages SISTec can also be used in mass products, and protect against bacteria – not only in the health industry.

SISTEC is NOT based on nano-technology. Contrary to our big-sized micro-particles (2–3 times larger than human cells), nano particles can transit through the cell membranes and enter into the body cells. The health risks associated with this have not been examined sufficiently yet and are very difficult to assess. Since there is rising concern about the long-term danger of nano-particles (comparable to Asbestos), we are not using this technology at all.