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the use of antibacterial products...

... is espacially meaningful in hygiene as well as in food areas

MRSA as well as other bacteria have become a major problem in hospitals and other hygiene-areas, especially endangering people with weak or subdued immune system. Hence it is important to examine the whole chain of bacteria-transfers and to interrupt wherever possible:

Walls (antibacterial wall paint), door handles (antibacterial metal coating) as well as light switches (antibacterial coating for plastic substrates). Contrary to disinfection with toxic substances, silver is not having an immediate (but short-term) effect. Microsilver is permanently preventing the cell division of bacteria, thereby substantially reducing infection risks. SISTec products are designed to stop the growth and expansion of bacteria and to keep the population low at all times, hence giving a permanent and unlimited protection. SIStec products are one-time investments, maintenance-free, independent from disinfection routines and possible human errors. They can also protect against bacteria in areas which are difficult to reach (like air conditioning duct systems, hidden corners in ambulances etc.). Recommended areas of application are hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, schools, kindergartens, public buildings, toilets in airports, fairs, restaurants and so on.
Sistec HausBacteria are also causing trouble in other industries:
production, transport and packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and many other products.

In order to substantially reduce the risk of MRSA-infections, a wide use of microsilver in various surfaces would be necessary. That was the problem so far:
products based on standard microsilver had to be equipped with a high share of silver to achieve the necessary concentration of silver-ions for a strong  antibacterial effect.

Hence it was simply too expensive to use microsilver as a standard antibacterial ingredient in wall paints, lacquers and other coatings – although it would be more than necessary to permanently eliminate dangerous bacteria in production units, hospitals, restaurants, aircraft toilets and many other areas. Due to the high efficiency of our innovative microsilver technology, this is now possible, and even private homes can be protected with innovative microsilver paint to prevent the growth of bacteria and benefit from side effects like the inhibition of mould, elimination of smell caused by bacteria and so on.