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SISTec – Antibacterial

protection against Bacteria and odors

Hospitals and other healthcare institutions around the world are facing serious problems caused by the continuous expansion of resistant bacteria (such as MRSA , the multi-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). Hospital-aquired infections delay or prevent the healing process after surgery and can often cause life threatening situations.

Various industrial infrastructures are suffering billions worth of damage by so-called microbial induced corrosion (MIC).

Already in ancient times the antibacterial effect of silver was used to protect against bacteria – e.g. in silver cutlery, silver cups or silver coins in water reservoirs. However, this protection was only available to the rich, because silver was an expensive material throughout history. During the last decade, silver has increasingly been used in the form of nanoparticles. This resulted in an increased performance, but unfortunately also in unpredictable health hazards as nanoparticles are able to penetrate human skin and may settle in body cells.

SISTEC offers an extremely innovative solution to this dilemma:
based on our advanced and highlyefficient microsilver technology, our coatings have proven a “strong antibacterial effect” (highest ranking) with a considerably lower microsilver concentration. This was certified by specialists at the  well-known Hohenstein Institute. Hence SISTEC offers antibacterial protection for the lifetime of the paint without the risks of nano-technology. Smell caused by bacteria will also be removed.

Results of this technological breakthrough:
  • non-toxic, permanent (lifetime of the paint) and environmentally friendly protection against bacteria available to anyone
  • almost any surface can be covered with permanently active, anti-bacterial properties in a very cost-efficient manner
  • no health hazards (our microsilver particles are to big to penetrate the skin)
  • no functional impact (e.g. no coloring effect on white or transparent coatings).

We are now able to offer a variety of antibacterial coatings:
  • antibacterial wall paint (for use in healthcare and hygiene environments)
  • antibacterial coatings for almost any substrate e.g. for metals (door handles, metal constructions, stainless steel kitchens, shelfs, machinery and so on), plastics (trolleys, counter trays, light switches, desk mats, keyboards …)
  • special coatings for pipelines, silos or ventilation systems which are exposed to microbial corrosion.