the CoolDry Product family

CoolDry – Reflective

is available in three colours:

  • white
  • beige (sandstone)
  • light grey

each in the two sizes 10 ltr and 5 ltr.


Cooldry reflective comp

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FlexDry was developed after many years of international research activities, partly carried out in German laboratories, and in varied test series, also in tropical climate zones. The result is a roof coating with exceptional elasticity and water resistance.
FlexDry has proved itself as one of the coating products with the most effective sealing properties on the market. It distinguishes itself by its excellent surface adhesion and an extremely high adaptability and flexibility. Thus no water can penetrate under the coating.
FlexDry forms a waterproof, flexible and durable coating, ideal for flat or pitched roofs and suitable for concrete, bitumen (tar paper) as well as for galvanized steel or aluminium. The advantage: even in hot weather FlexDry does not soften and is easy to clean. And, of course: FlexDry is UV-resistant.
FlexDry is ready to use and does not need to be diluted. The application is easy and can be carried out by brush or with a large roller. For optimum results two coats should be applied (with a drying time of approximately 24 hours before the second coating). The quantity required is about ½ litre per square meter per layer.
It can be painted onto other insulating and sealing materials already in place and perfectly closes minor cracks and porous patches. Furthermore, FlexDry should be applied to the side walls at least 20 cm high. This stops rainwater from entering into the wall and prevents damages to the front of the building.
FlexDry can also be used to fi ll cracks. For this purpose it is mixed with sand and pressed into the cracks, then painted over.
FlexDry possesses exceptional elastic properties. It expands up to twice its normal length, even under constant climatic impact. This makes it ideal for flat roofs which are exposed to extreme weather and temperature changes.
FlexDry has already been variously used in many cases and with great success on private houses, industrial buildings, factories, old buildings, etc.

Tar Stopper

Especially for the professional coating of bitumen roofs we offer the „TarStopper“ as an insulation primer, which in addition creates a further protective sealing coat for your roof. Bitumen roofs may bleed through, i.e. due to the oil content of the tar paper dark stains may occur n the surface coated with CoolDry, which may also impair the functionality of CoolDry. We thus absolutely recommend to coat bitumen with a layer of our TarStopper as an insulation primer.

Metal Primer

The innovative CoolDry coating is just as well suited to metal roofs (e.g. all kinds of corrugated or profiled sheet metal), whether galvanized or powder-coated. For this application our product range includes a „Metal Primer“. This top-quality primer, especially designed for all metal surfaces such as aluminium, galvanized
steel, etc., provides excellent protection from corrosion and serves as a perfect base for CoolDry.

Concrete Primer

In addition, for concrete roofs we offer our special „Concrete Primer“, which seals the partly porous and absorptive surface and binds loose particles. Thus you have a comprehensive system for all materials at your disposition.