CoolDry tested by dekra

To get an independent proof of the effect of our CoolDry reflection paint, we also asked - in addition to our own extensive series of tests - the company DEKRA Industrial GmbH, to conduct a study on the effect of CoolDry.

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This was in the summer of 2010, carried out in cooperation with the Bavarian Center for Energy Research (University of Würzburg), and came to the conclusion that the transfer of heat into the interior of buildings is "significantly" reduced by CoolDry (reduction by 68% - 77%) depending on the material, the design of the roof, wind speed, etc.).

The measure of SRI (Solar Reflectance Indicator) used internationally in this context was found with 99-98-102 (concrete, bitumen, metal) and thus is an extremely high level - in the U.S. systems already benefit from fiscal incentives, if their SRI is above 50

Solar Reflectance Indicator

The SRI measures the pure reflection of sunlight as well as the ability of the material to dissipate heat to the environment. This is particularly important, so that the building can give back quickly the stored heat at night - a "locking" of the heat, as it happens with exclusive use of isolation, is not useful.


The energy specialists of DEKRA come to the conclusion that in particular the combined use of isolation and CoolDry reflection paint provides the best results. But even with the economical version to apply only CoolDry on the roof, the building is already protected extremely efficient against heat transfer into the interior. By doing this you achieve very significant savings in power consumption of your air conditioner (up to 50% depending on location and type of building), a significant improvement of comfort in the building and a much longer life of flat roofs.


CoolDry has been approved for the use in asbestos abatement in Italy by the state-recognized and internationally authorized Istituto Giordano in Milan and it is suitable for the encapsulation of asbestos fi bre boards.Cooldry Zertifikate

In Germany CoolDry may already be used to repair coated/painted asbestos boards (abatement or refurbishment in accordance with TRGS 519 – German technical rules for hazardous substances).