CoolDry - Reflective


CoolDry is a simple and highly effi cient way to protect the roof and to act against the increasing need for air conditioning.


CoolDry is a high-quality and permanently flexible roof coating paint which reflects approximately 80 % of the direct solar radiation, thus preventing the heating-up of buildings, vehicles and other objects effectively and in an energy-saving manner. Not only the light-coloured base of the material, but in particular the multitude of minute, coated, hollow high-tech glass reflection bodies reduce the roof temperature by up to 40 °C and thus produce considerably cooler indoor temperatures as well as signifi cantly lower air conditioning costs.

Illu Cooldry Reflexion EN 460x220

A roof coated with CoolDry warms up to a maximum of 2 to 3 °C above the respective outside temperature.

Extensive tests carried out by DEKRA have clearly proven and confi rmed the high efficiency of CoolDry. The DEKRA engineers recorded a reduction of heat transfer to the interior of the building of up to 77 %.

Another important aspect: photovoltaic/solar modules work less efficiently at very high temperatures, i.e. they produce less energy. Therefore CoolDry also improves the efficiency of solar collectors installed on roofs.

Particularly in times of increasing energy prices, rising temperatures and stronger environmental and climate awareness CoolDry is thus an ideal solution for the coating of the most diverse surfaces that need to be protected from heating-up by sunlight – metals, tar paper, plastics, stone, tiles, concrete, even glass or textiles can easily be coated by roller, brush or airless spraying.

However, CoolDry not only keeps things cool, but also dry. The highly elastic roof coating closes hairline cracks, protects against material fatigue caused by UV radiation (it goes without saying that CoolDry is UV resistant) as well as against heat expansion and seals against rain water.

Plus: CoolDry is eco-friendly, since it is water-based, extremely durable and, in addition, can be disposed of without difficulty.