CarFinish - Automotive

The smart alternative to protect your profitability

The automotive repair industry has been our core business for decades, and we know all the challenges of this demanding industry. Since the car refinish market is dominated by a few large corporations, their price-performance-ratio is difficult to understand and their significant yearly price increases ignore the market requirements. In order to protect the profitability of distributors and body-repair shops we introduced a range of very high-quality products at reasonable cost some years ago: CarFinish.

Based on years of experience, highest quality raw materials from Germany, accurate laboratory inspection and precise quality management routines we deliver high-performance products which guarantee identical processing and application conditions from every batch.

Our product range includes all standard products required for car refinishing: clearcoats, hardeners, primers, fillers and putties as well as abrasive materials, polishing products and masking tapes.

CarFinish helps you to develop a real alternative for yourself and your customers and to protect your profitability in a very tough market.