Use even with highest loads

Carapax coatings are used for the long-term corrosion protection of metal surfaces and concrete, in particular for objects whose protection by coating is rendered difficult due to adverse environmental and climatic conditions (e. g. industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmospheric conditions or coastal/offshore areas with high salinity) and they naturally fulfill the requirements of corrosion protection class C5-I/-M.


  • Structural steel engineering
    • industrial facilities and conveyor systems
    • bridges, cranes
    • electricity pylons
    • structurel steelwork
    • onshore wind power plants
  • Steel construction for hydraulic engineering
    • harbor facilities, sheet piling
    • locks and dock facilities
    • offshore wind power plants
  • Marine Coatings
    • ships
    • offshore platforms
  • Pipeline and plant construction
    • external pipeline coatings
    • internal pipeline coatings (oil, gas, water, chemicals)
    • sewage plants
    • tank systems, recipients, container