Carapax - Anticorrosive

Corrosion protection for decades –
since decades

“Carapax” describes the extremely hard shell of the turtle. This is the perfect symbol for our corrosion protection coatings, as our products are among the most resistant and most durable in the market. Carapax continues the tradition, experience and original product formulations of Leo Meyer/Metallogal, who have achieved an excellent market position by delivering outstanding quality and applying the experience gathered during several decades.
Carapax products are high-performance coatings based on 1K humidity-curing polyurethane (at the time the first of their kind in the world).

They offer enormous benefits regarding application as well as product features:
  • Easy and safe to prepare. No mixing errors as it is only one component
  • Very short drying and curing times
  • Wide window of application: air humidity up to 98 % and temperatures from -10 to +60 °C. This creates new possibilities for production and storage as well as on-site application, cuts processing time and hence reduces cost
  • Carapax is extremely resistant and highly elastic, resulting in enormous durability – some of our reference objects were coated 30 or 40 years ago and are still completely free from corrosion.
Under the brand Carapax we are taking over the business and the vast experience of Leo Meyer/Metallogal and combine it with our network of professional distributors and coating experts. Our coatings have protected valuable property for decades all over the world under the most difficult circumstances. This is confirmed by a large number of impressive reference objects like well-known bridges and buildings, pipelines, tanks, marine and harbour equipment, ships, watergates and so on.