Our data sheets

All relevant technical information about our products and their application can be found in our technical data sheets, material safety data sheets, which you can download here in PDF format:

ProductTechnisches Datenblatt
(TDB - deutsch)
Technical Data Sheet
(TDS - english)
(SDB - deutsch)
Material Safety Data Sheet
(MSDS - english)
Carapax Zinc M Carapax Zinc M_TDS_DE Carapax Zinc M_TDS_EN Carapax Zinc M_MSDS_DE Carapax Zinc M_MSDS_EN
Carapax PI Carapax PI_TDS_DE Carapax PI_TDS_EN Carapax PI_MSDS_DE Carapax PI_MSDS_EN
Carapax Fix Carapax Fix_TDS_DE Carapax Fix_TDS_EN Carapax Fix_MSDS_DE Carapax Fix_MSDS_EN
Carapax Ferro Carapax Ferro_TDS_DE Carapax Ferro_TDS_EN Carapax Ferro_MSDS_DE Carapax Ferro_MSDS_EN
Carapax Cover RAL Carapax Cover RAL_TDS_DE Carapax Cover RAL_TDS_EN Carapax Cover_MSDS_DE Carapax Cover RAL_MSDS_EN
Carapax Non-Abrasive Carapax Non Abrasive_TDS_DE Carapax Non Abrasive_TDS_EN Carapax NonAbrasive_MSDS_DE Carapax Non Abrasive_MSDS_EN
Carapax Tar 21 Carapax Tar 21_TDS_DE Carapax Tar 21_TDS_EN Carapax Tar 21_MSDS_DE Carapax Tar 21_MSDS_EN
CARAPAX Activator AC 420 (for Non abrasive) see Non Abrasive see Non Abrasive Carapax AC 420_MSDS_DE Carapax AC 420_MSDS_EN
carapax activator ac 430 (for tar 21) see Tar 21 see Tar 21 Carapax AC 430_MSDS_DE Carapax AC 430_MSDS_EN
carapax thinner TH 510 (for brushing, rolling) -- -- Carapax TH 510_MSDS_DE Carapax TH 510_MSDS_EN
Carapax Thinner TH 515 (long)     Carapax TH 515_MSDS_DE Carapax TH 515_MSDS_EN
carapax thinner th 520 (for spraying) -- -- Carapax TH 520_MSDS_DE Carapax TH 520_MSDS_EN
Cooldry - Reflective Roof Coating CoolDry_TDS_DE CoolDry_TDS_EN CoolDry_MSDS_DE CoolDry_MSDS_EN

cooldry - tarStopper

CoolDry TarStopper_TDS_DE CoolDry TarStopper_TDS_EN CoolDry TarStopper_MSDS_DE CoolDry TarStopper_MSDS_EN
Cooldry - stone primer   CD_StonePrimer_TDS_EN   CD_StonePrimer_MSDS_EN
Cooldry - Metal primer CD_MetalPrimer_TDS_DE CD_MetalPrimer_TDS_EN   CD_MetalPrimer_MSDS_EN
Flexdry - Waterproof FlexDry_TDS_DE FlexDry_TDS_EN FlexDry_MSDS_DE FlexDry_MSDS_EN